The taste of light northern nights

In the heart of the soft hills of Himmerland in northern Denmark lies one of the world’s northernmost vineyards arisen as the result of the whims of nature and equals parts of lifeblood and craftsmanship, just like the wines currently produced here …

We are a small family-run winery beautifully located in the hilly area near the village Guldbæk about 20 km south of Aalborg. Our first vines were planted in 2008 and today the vineyard consist of about 4 hectares. The vineyard consists of approximately 15,000 vines of different varieties and flavors suited for our northern climate.

It is our burning passion to craft wines in a class that puts Denmark on the international wine map.

Just what will you find when you taste our wine.

Welcome to Guldbæk Vingård!

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